About Willow

Portrait of Willow

Born in 1976, the year of the dragon, full of passion for life and all that it has to offer, I am from northern California but have lived all over the U.S. In January 2002, I left the U.S. for Spain to embark upon a career teaching English.

I soon discovered a great truth, that everyone is both a student and a teacher at one time or another in life. As a student of language, I am both ambitious and lazy. This in turn has affected my teaching greatly and I have spent most of my career seeking out new and easier ways to learn that do not require a lot of work. How? By discovering the way that each student best learns and remembers language. The trick? Make it fun! For me, that means listening to songs, reading comic books, watching films and chatting over drinks when learning a new language. Let me find out what it means for you!

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