My ten years of experience in British and American English include classes for businesses, the hospitality industry, ministries, universities, Cambridge exam preparation, TOEFL, TOEIC and senior military officers. I specialise in conversation, English for academic and business purposes, diction and pronunciation.

Since no two people are alike, no two classes are alike; I tailor your classes to your individual needs. The first class is free, with no commitment. Sign up today! What have you got to lose?

My philosophy of learning and teaching:

Classes should be fun and things learned with a smile are easier to remember. We all know that languages are difficult to learn, so why not liven up the process?

My approach is largely based upon Dr. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory, which essentially states that we are all intelligent in different ways and therefore learn in different ways. The trick is figuring out what your strengths and weaknesses are. Click here to discover yours!

Choose your course or create one of your own:

You can learn English by talking about anything!